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The veins of the  rich shreekant masale trace back to the 1975, when the visionary late Shri. Mishrilalji Chothmalji Bhandari started a small scale spices business at Rasta Peth near power house in Pune.


This worthy lineage was ably carried   forward by his sons Shrikant Mishrilalji  Bhandari and   Dileep Mishrilalji Bhandari.

Shreekant  masale is the longest producer, processor & distributor of different  kind of spices and pickles in Maharashtra , was founded in 1975 by an entrepreneur  Shri. Mishrilalji Chothmalji Bhandari along  with her wife Smt.Sulochnabai Mishrilalji   Bhandari & later in 1985 MR . Shrikant  &  MR.Dileep comes for support to their Dad’s home based small plant for expansion to business & to enhance the business at a different kind of level.


The Third generation members of the family – Akshay Dileep Bhandari , Tanmay shreekant Bhandari & Amar Dileep Bhandari  carried the mantle forth by introducing modern, innovative ideas to keep  the shreekant masale brand paces ahead of the competition in the millennia .


Akshay ,Tanmay & Amar the family’s young scions ,are now at the helm of the company activities ,being guided by the experience  and wisdom of the family veterans.


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After the involvement of three generation what they had started “  shreekant Masale” with a small root, Now has reached to different heights & levels.


Shreekant masale started their journey for fulfill the requirements of housewives and reduce the efforts of women. Their main motive is to reduce the time of women in the kitchen and have a good quality of spices, a pure blend of spices & taste in the kitchen.  


Shreekant masale is into manufacturing of blended spices, pickles, papad & chatani etc. Now company has around 70 plus more products & variety in different packaging  which is  made under one roof only.(At chakan only).


Company has shifted their whole plant in chakan only for huge productions & for a streamline business to concentrate on their quality & customers needs and requirements . The strong and directed mission of the company is to give their best service to customers & distributors and to serve best quality products with a marvellous taste .


A Peculiarity of Shreekant Masale is their behaviour means they are very soft & friendly with their customers, workers & with a Staff. That’s why they are always happy because of companies best service & commitment.  Hence   company has always believe in its tag line   “SWAD NYARA,SABAKA PYARA” and  has earned enormous trust from a customer over decades.

Shreekant Masale always pays full commitment to their work and thus has developed tremendous and various network and holds a better position in the market. It has wide range of products available with attractive packaging and variable in the sizes. The tagline of shreekant masale always pays important role of customer’s satisfaction.


A foundation strongly engraved in the ethos of quality  , excellence and superior customer service has enabled the company to expand to their markets.


Having consistently delivered a tasteful, fresh & nourishing experience for more than three decades  , considering the government norms & rules. 


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FSSAi License 

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Udyog Adhaar

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Sales Tax Registration

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VAT Registration

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