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Image by Victoria Zakharchuk


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn



The simple  & fundamental   goal of   the company is to confer the good quality products to our delight customers in reasonable rates only .


Another essential target of the shreekant masale company is to reach out the maximum customer/people with  our unique & delicious taste as soon as possible.


The main & uppermost intent of the company is to break the middle chain of  suppliers ,dealers& distributors & deliver our products directly from factory ( company) to customers. So that’s why we believe, trust in C TO C chain means company to customers directly.


We also looking forward in how we can save the maximum money of customers in transportation /couriers so that’s why we are not dependent on  single courier agency only .


Company’s  main motive & focus on to give best quality products  & fresh material (recently made products) to our consumers  only in short period.


From a last 25 years we sustain & maintain our taste by our continuous efforts and because of workers & employee’s  punctuality only . We took all the spices in equal proportion only to maintain our taste and to hold our position in market form a last 3 decade only.


We didn’t add anything in our products to enhance the smell of products. We didn’t have the any type of element , essence or perfume in our products . We believe in natural  & original taste only.


Company also  looking forward to have an unique outlet in every city/ state only for building the trust , faith of customers more & more.


Company also in very good position & give assurance to their customers, consumers whatever is the packing they requires we will provide to them also may be it will be in our pack or might be sometimes they offer loose material packing. Whatever is the customer’s needs we will think about it & will start to implement on it .


We are capable of manufacturing the bulk quantity also , so company didn’t face the problem like unavailability of products so we are always in race to complete the demands of customer’s  and fulfill their requirements. “Customer’s inconvenience is our disrespect”, and we follow that tagline in  our daily company’s chores also.

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